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    How to use excelsheet for storing dynamic values


    I need to store the dynamically generated values(basically a number) from one page onto some excelsheet and then use this values to click a link corrosponding to that number in another page.Is there any way that I can store this value in my excelsheet.I tried to do this with Datatable.Importsheet and than at the end of action datatble.exportsheet , but the value is not getting stored.Please help me .

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    Re: How to use excelsheet for storing dynamic values

    Did not you forget to provide parameter for the functions Import(ExportSheet) - absolute or relative path to the file?
    If so - those function should work as expected.
    But, in another hand, if you need this dynamically generated value in the scope of the same test case - you can simple store the value in variable.


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    Re: How to use excelsheet for storing dynamic values


    I exceuted in the same way .i.e storing values in a variable and then using it again in various actions ,but since I have around 8 actions where I was using the same number ,it was not a problem to do that ,but now QTP takes lot of time to open up and run those different actions.So my question is can I store the values in a excel sheet and import that excel sheet at the start of each test.This way I can have different test rather than actions.Can anyone please tell me right code .

    Thank you for the help

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    Re: How to use excelsheet for storing dynamic valu

    If you don't want to use the Native methods then search the forum for Excel.Application and you will get many sample codes on how to manipulate excel using COM.



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