Defined virtual objects can QTP9.2 will identify by the Recovery scenario wizard?

i tried to create new Recovery scenario for test scenario,
the scenario is, during execution of script the application browser throughs the "session expired" message in the form LINK, if user clicks on the link it will redirect to next screen and this session expired is not predictable, can come at point of time.

now, i tried to handle this through Recovery scenario, but when i followed the Recovery scenario wizard and moves to the "Recovery operation - Click button or Press key" and spy that "Session Expired" LINK it is threw the message saying - "Dialog box or window u selected does not contain any buttons" which is right according to QTP.

to overcome with this problem i defined the "Session Expired" LINK as "button" using Virtual object; when i record and click the "Session Expired" LINK in application its gives the following script also,

--Browser("Login").Page("Session Expired").VirtualButton("button").Click--

which is shows QTP considering the "Session Expired" LINK as VitualButton; Now i again went back to recovery scenario
to perform the "Recovery operation - Click button or Press key" but still that virtualbutton is not able to identified as button.

if any other alternative exits to overcome from scenario please let me know.