I have a calender in my application, in that when we add an event for all sundays all those dates would be changed to bold in the calender and the property value of "class" would be differnt from other dates. I have to click on the bold dates in the calender and and verify whether the event is added or not. As the dates are Links I have created the link obj and gave the property value of the class which the bold one has and took the child item count of that link, I am getting the count properly but when i am passing the index number and trying to click the links, first time its cliking but second iteration its showing general error.I guess its because of the idex numbers...is there any other way that i can click all the links and verify. The below is the sample code I have used.

Set LinkObj = Description.Create()
LinkObj("micclass").Value = "Link"
LinkObj("class").Value = "eventBC"
LinkObj("html tag").Value = "A"
Set childCheck = Browser("Browser").Page("Page").ChildObjects(LinkO bj)
childcount = childCheck.Count()
For i=0 to childcount-1
If Browser("Browser").Page("Page").Link("html tag:=A","name:=Meeting").Exist Then
Reporter.ReportEvent micPass,"",""
End If
Browser("Browser").Page("Page").Link("html tag:=A","name:=Meeting").Click
intYear = Browser("Browser").Page("Page").WebList("StartYear ").GetROProperty("default value")

Browser("Browser").Page("Page").Image("Next Month").Click

Loop Until Trim(strYear) = strYear+1