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    QTP not recording application


    I'm wonding if anybody has come across this issue....I just installed 9.2, .Net, WPF and when I attempt to record for the first time an application that has been written in .NET...the recorder launches the application....but that's it....I <click> on the application, move the window around, but nothing gets recorded. Whats up? My developers have gone home so I don't have the info. on how they are building this app or the version of the tools, etc...but will find out Monday.

    Any ideas? Thanks

    Robert A. Rammirez

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    Re: QTP not recording application

    Check your record and run settings, see if you are recording "all" applications or applications opened by QTP

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    Re: QTP not recording application

    In case you are not able to record then just open object spy and see if QTP is able to recognize the objects or not. In case you are not able to recognize the object then you have a problem with add-in and if you are able to identify object the it has to do something with your recording settings.



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