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    Error on passing parameters to reusable actions


    I have a reusable action with input parameter "report_Name" being passed by another action. In the reusable action, I got a General run error when executing the statement: Set page = Browser("report_Name").Page("report_Name")
    It seems there is no problem when the parameter is passed because I debugged before this statement,I could get the correct answer using Browser("report_Name").Page("report_Name").Weblist ("index:=0").GetROProperty("name")
    I also tried not passing the parameter just using the report name Set page = Broswer("Activity").Page("Activity")in a seperate action and it works.

    Any ideas to guide me?


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    Re: Error on passing parameters to reusable actions

    I think from your description you are confused about passing and then dereferencing Action parms. Here are a few links that should help with this confusing topic:


    You could have found these--and several others associated with this issue--using the following Advanced Search keywords and a 50 week time horizon:

    +passed +Action +parameter

    Give this a try next time.

    -Terry Horwath



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