This thread, now referenced in the FAQs is meant to consolidate all threads related to working with QTP using path relative references.

QTP offers two techniques to work with path relative references:

1. Include a path component with each referenced filename, as in ..\libs\a.lib, ..\..\..\sharedORs\loginOR.tsr, etc.

2. Use the QTP Tools >> Options >> Folders tab to define all folders (which can be a mix of relative and absolute) to search, and then do not include a path component when referencing shared libs, ORs, Recovery Sceneario files or Actions.

While these two techniques are not <u>not</u> mutually exclusive, it is recommended by this author that you use one or other, because mixing the two can quickly become overwelming confusing.

The remainder of this thread provides references to detailed threads that hopefully clarify how each is implemented.

Technique #1: include the path component with each include file

1. Shared vbScript libs:;Number=429779
2. Shared Recovery Scenarios:;Number=430190
3. Shared Actions:;Number=378976
4. Shared Object Repositories:;Number=394276
5. Shared Environment files:;Number=392564
6. In Quality Center:;Number=421426

Technique #2: define paths using the Tools &gt;&gt; Options &gt;&gt; Folders tab;Number=432269

Additional Information:

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And please add to this thread if you feel I have missed anything you consider important on this topic.

-Hope this helps, Terry