I am using QTP 9.2

Setting a relative path for a Recovery Scenario can be a bit tricky, because of step #5c below:

1. [Optionally] Create a Recovery Scenario in a new or an existing Recovery Scenario file following the manual's or online help's instructions. Then save the file to any location of your choosing.

2. In a selected test open its Test Settings dialog and then select the Recovery tab.

3. Click the green + icon and navigate to and select the required Recovery Scenario file, and then pick the Recovery Scenario you want to add to your test, and then click the Add Scenario button.

4. At this point the just selected Scenario and its file will be added to in your Test Settings Recovery tab's Scenario list, using a fully qualified pathname to the Scenario file.

5. At this time (or any time later) you can edit the File entry by:

a. Selecting the filename such that it becomes editable text, THEN

b. Set your cursor anywhere in the string to type new text, BUT

c. You can ONLY use the <BACKSPACE> key to delete chars in the string as the <DELETE> key has no effect. You can also select multiple chars using standard click-drag, but here again only the <BACKSPACE> key will delete the selection as the <DELETE> key has no effect.