B.P .Webedit("username").set"deepa"
B.P.webbutton("sign In").click

Now I have Created a webelement by the name as Test and innertext as "Required field must not be blank"
My Prob is that I want to account for the 4 possible situations for the Login page .that are as follows.

1 UserName Exist password Not exist
2 UserName Not exist password Exist
3 Username exist Password Exist
4 Username exist password Exist But one of them has been wrongly entered.

I tried to do like this But this is also giving error.
Dim status
B.P .Webedit("username").set"deepa"
B.P.webbutton("sign In").click
status = B.P.WebElement("innertext:=Required field must not be blank,index:=0").object.currentstyle
If status.currentstyle = inline Then
msgbox " Warning mesg is visible"
msgbox " Warning mesg is invisible"
End If

How to do this .?