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    Record scripts through Citrix terminal desktop

    I need to automate tests on a inhouse built application. This application can be accesed through CITRIX terminal server. How can I connect to this server via QTP and access the application.
    Is there any special add-in required or functions I need to call? Any kind of help is appreciated.


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    Re: Record scripts through Citrix terminal desktop

    Search this forum for keyword Citrix. It's returning 99 results.

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    Re: Record scripts through Citrix terminal desktop

    Can u please explain how u are accessing the application manually.do u have any icon in ur desktop, clicking over which a new window opens?? is that looking like a remote access of the server.this would help me to tell a resolution for your question.

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    Re: Record scripts through Citrix terminal desktop

    Yes, I have an icon my desktop and clicking over which it goes to server applictaion.could you suggest me for this.


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    Re: Record scripts through Citrix terminal desktop

    I need to ask for your sugeestion for my scenario.
    We have product configuration application and it is installed on x server located in N.corolina.My company is in central zone,and I have icon on my desktop and by clicking on that I can go to remote desktop and enter into that application.This is Production environment but for test environment, we have y and z servers in my company.
    I am planning to install QTP on y & z server and my desktop so I thought to go for concurrent licence.

    let me ask at this point.

    1.Can I record application through remote desktop connection.It is citrix server.
    2.Application is installed on x server and it is not physically accessible for me.How can I work for this scenario.
    3.should I need any add ins
    4.inCASE i need to install QTP,where should I install,which one becomes concurrent server.Iam in loop with MI for
    QTP licence,but Iam delaying for not understanding this scenario.
    5.what is concurrent server software?should I ask MI for this software including licence key.I wont get any CD for QTP.

    Thanks and your help/sugegstions will be appreciated.




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