I'm using QTP9.0 to test against an "Unsupported" TE. It is called QWS3270Secure from JollyGiant. I have been successfulr in configuring the TE add-in for it's previous version QWS3270Plus, but I'm getting an error message when I configure now: :"QuickTest failed to properly connect to
the terminal emulator. Query session status returned a string with an unknown format". I know that typically you can configure for an unsupported TE by identifying the HLLAPI DLL and the function that calls the API, like hllapi or WinHLLAPI. I do the required steps and get the message that I typed above. I submitted a Service Request to HP (Mercury) and they responded saying they do not support any Secure TE that uses SSL and such because of the encryption that happens to the connection. I wanted to know if anyone has had any success with automating against a "Secure" TE with QTP and if so, could you offer some configuration guidance?