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    QTP Driver functions

    Hi All,
    I don't have QC in out test environment. I want to use a vbscript (as a driver function) to call the different testcases. But before i do it this way, i would like to know whether it's the right way to call testcases.

    What i mean by testcases is the QTP scripts written for that particular test scenario.

    Can i use a vbscript to call these QTP script one after the other, i am not sure of this approach, since i have always seen people using QC to call testcases one after the other.


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    Re: QTP Driver functions

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    Can i use a vbscript to call these QTP script one after the other

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    Yes; search your QTP help and/or this forum for Automation Object Model.
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    Re: QTP Driver functions

    Hi Thanks for your response, i was able to find the examples in the forums posted by you.


    Thank you.



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