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    hwto use entr evnt of keyboard if any settings req


    While using QTP in our project, we are facing some issues.

    We are working on Java (RCP). We are getting the problem as:

    Where I have to enter some text and press enter on keyboard (we can not press mouse click).
    After pressing Enter one screen we get.

    When I have recorded it with QTP one statement is generated but it records enter with all the values that are displayed.

    And I donít find any statement for pressing enter. So when we run the script we get an error message (The operation can't be performed) on that statement.

    Can you please explain me how to record if I have to use enter event of keyboard & recording statements generated & if any settings required in QTP.

    If u go thru that & help us in sorting out these issues that will be really a great help for my team.

    Awaiting your reply ASAP.

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    Re: hwto use entr evnt of keyboard if any settings req

    See whether you have the type method defined on the object and use Type micReturn
    Else look for "send keys" in QTP help
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