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    Compare the CSS of a Project

    I want to know that whether is it possible to compare the CSS of a Project in 1 Browser with the another.It is required in my Company that we have to check for the Browser compatibility.That is if I am checking the Look and feel of a project in Mozilla then it should appear the same in the Other Browser that is IE 6,7etc

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    Re: Compare the CSS of a Project

    I would say either use some other tool that is meant for doing such comparison or do it manually. QTP works with IE only when it come to get the style object from DOM. So there is now way you can do that with QTP on a Mozilla or a firefox browser.

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    Re: Compare the CSS of a Project

    I suppose QTP is not a good choice to test "look & feel" of any application.
    Vishal Aggarwal
    Test Architect



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