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    Using regular expression

    Hello all,

    In our application, we have a webtable.I need to click the date hyperlink which is the webtable's celldata. sometimes i may also have tasks for that particular date with same innertext as the date...adding to the problem, the taks are also hyperlinks inside the caledar webtable cell...

    I have also attached the screenshot of the apps with this post...

    I have identified the difference b/w these 2 hyperlinks(date and the task) are the href property...

    href for the date hyperlink is,;type=dayList

    href for the task hyperlink is,

    I used the following piece of code for clicking my date link,

    Line 1: set Hyperlink = Description.Create()

    Line 2: Hyperlink("href").Value = ""http/:////192/.168/.1/.6//netoffice//calendar//viewcalendar/.php/?dateCalend="&Datatable("Year",global)&"-"&Datatable("Year",global)&"-"&Datatable("Year",global)&"/&type/=dayList""

    Line 3: Browser("").Page("").WebTable("").Link(Hyperlink). click

    The above piece of code isnt working, I think am wrong in using the Regular expresion syntax in Line 3...any correction to the whole approach or the syntax will be appreciated...
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    Re: Using regular expression

    Use this

    set Hyperlink = Description.Create()
    linkDate = Datatable("Year",global) & "\-" & Datatable("Year",global) & "\-" & Datatable("Year",global)
    Hyperlink("href").Value = ".*" & linkDate & ".*type=dayList.*"
    Hyperlink("html tag").Value = "A"
    Browser("").Page("").WebTable("").Link(Hyperlink). click

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    Re: Using regular expression

    It did work...thank you...



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