Hello All,
First of all sorry for the "compressed" post tittle, It was difficult to resume my problem in only one line..

I have been searching trough hundreds of emails about object repository, exporting, importing but I don't find the answer to my question..

Here I go:

I am recording a test in a windows app, moving through dialogs, tabs, button etc.
I am getting all these objects "window id's" because I want to run this script in localized versions of this application, so my plan is to access to all the objects using windows id or other tricks.

The problem is that when I copy the file test to the enviroment where the Japanesse version is installed, if I run it, I get all the time: object not recognized error.

At this point what I have done is to export/import the object repository from the English test version to the Japanesse version.

In the Japanesse environment, I do "associate repository" and I attach the repository imported from the English version.

If I highlight the objects, they are not found. (I have the app open of course).
So, of course, when I run the test, I get, another time, object not found.

If I am identifying the object trought settings that do not depend of the language (window id), why QTP does not find the object?

Obviously I can do update from application but it has not sense as it would be 300 objects x 12 languages everytime a new release of the application appears.

Can anyone help me to find why to import the object repository does not work? I am supposing something that could not be done?

Thanks for your help!