Well, this is not as much of a question as something I am taking up in my spair time. I have had some luck with creating C# applications and integrating them into the QTP scripts to allow me to get data otherwise not available to us. (in piticular GDIObjects and system resource usage). So I thought I would take alittle time in creating a function library where you send it a simple (TICK) function, and all resources running on the system (those detected through Task manager) would log there current size (virtual, page and working set size) as well we the GDI objects, the current system resources available and the time at the recording was made. This will allow me to track how resources are utilized durring prolonged runs on the system, and also show if over time, the application slows down. Also with the data base connection (through access) I also hope to show change over time when it comes to this monitoring.

So, hense the question. Any ideas for what I might be missing? What other useful stuff have people run across they wish there was a better solution for.