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    IE and MS Script Debugger

    This may not be directly a QTP question.
    I installed qtp 9.2 and Microsoft Script Debugger along with it.
    Now everytime i open IE, windows also opens MS script debugger , which very annoying and slows down IE.

    I have tried turning off MS script debugger, using settings in IE tools -> internet options -> advanced -> disable script debugging (IE), but this has not fixed this problem.

    Can anybody help?

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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger

    has anybody faced this annoying issue?

    Has anybody even made use of MS script debugger with QTP?

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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger

    Tru uninstalling and re-installing Script debugger..

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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger

    I tried that.

    Every time i open a page MS script debugger pops up.

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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger

    Your correct its not a QTP issue.
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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger

    It is relative to QTP work process.

    To fix it:
    Go2 Browser --> Tools --> InternetOptions --> Advanced option.
    Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
    Disable script debugging (Other)
    Display a nitification about every script error.


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    Re: IE and MS Script Debugger


    I have the settings as you listed them and still doesn't work. It is pretty annoying.

    Thanks for the response.



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