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    How to call a function or action in command line

    Hi experts

    I am writing a small framework for my work to ease the tests which we can run.
    The basic idea is that whole of my automation is dividied into functions say Fn1 to Fn100 and there are say 10 actions A1 to A10 and these call these functoins.
    Example A1 calls F1-F10 and A2 calls F11-F20 and so on...

    Now there is a main action as well which calls these actions A1-A10

    Now problem is that from command line or vbs script I want to start a set of actions. I would like to have the following flexibility
    1. To pass /Action:A1,A2 kind of parameters to the script which will parse /Action to know what all actions to execute and then call those actions.

    Is it possible in QTP to pass which actions I want to execute from a command line or vbs script.
    Any ideas on this??

    2.I want to go more granular by specifying the functions and not the actions...
    So if I give /Functions:F1,F5,F100 then the script will ru nonly these functions and let me know the results.

    Is this possible??

    I couldnt find which objects to use to pass the action names to be run or how to run the functions I want..

    It would be really great if experts can help me in that and I am sure many people can benefit from this approach.

    Thank You

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