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    How to record video clips of the Run session?

    I need to know if any one used the feature of QTP 9.0 which allow us to record video clips of the run session.

    I got to know about this only through QTP Tip provided in the test result. Below is the message i got in the test result when the test failed.

    "Tip: To better understand the cause of failed steps, you can record movie clips of run sessions and view them together with the step result details."

    But i am not able to find it through QTP help.

    Please anyone share your knowledge on this.

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    Re: How to record video clips of the Run session?

    Might be refering to TD (QC) MSR (Mercury Screen Recorder).

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: How to record video clips of the Run session?

    Mark is correct, but as usual search of the online help for that tool did not produce a result.

    But here is the path, starting with the online help's TOC (in version 9.2):
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    Mercury QuickTest Professional User's Guide
    &gt; Configuring Basic Settings
    &gt; Setting Global Testing Options
    &gt; Setting Run Testing Options
    </pre><hr />

    Near the bottom of that HELP screen it will talk about the various options you have for capturing video segments which are then saved with the Test Results File.

    -Hope this helps, Terry Horwath



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