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    To exit from Script

    hi all,
    version : 8.2
    application : Web

    i need to check some initial functionality if it fails i should come out of the script i.e it should directly go to test result, using reporter event i will display the result.

    my doubt is how to stop and exit the script, i have used if function to check my initial codition.

    i need syntex for exiting from the scipt.


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    Re: To exit from Script

    use the qtp-help for some statements like ExitTest, ExitIteration and so on, and search this forum too, was often discussed here

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    Re: To exit from Script

    We all have to deal with this issue one way or the other.

    Personally, I use an inner-function in each action, which exits the action and takes care of all the exit procedures (close open objects, report what's needed etc.).

    Each action exits, all through the action-call chain, and when the top level exits, the script ends.

    You can find further details and code snippets here: http://www.advancedqtp.com/knowladge...le-exit-gates/

    All the best.
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    Re: To exit from Script

    Hi rscholz660 and Yaron Assa,

    Thanks for ur timely help [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]




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