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Thread: QTP Project

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    QTP Project

    Dear All,

    I'm newbise to this forum. started my learning abt this QTP 8.2.

    anyone can give some project using this testing tools, so that i can develope more i mean in more realistic way.

    thanks in advance...


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    Re: QTP Project


    My recommendation to learn QTP

    1. Learn VBScript
    2. Do the Tutorial that comes with QTP
    3. Read the User Manual

    Then start your own projects

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    Re: QTP Project

    must learn vbscript firstly?

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    Re: QTP Project

    Not necesarry but always recommended. QTP has 2 views expert and keyword. One who does not have a knowledge on expert view(VBScript) can work in keyword view.

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    Re: QTP Project

    You need to understand the complete framework of QTP8.2 to higher to set your objective of learning the tool before using it in any project. Besides,QTP leverages VBscripts.so learn VbScripting to take advantage of QTP completely.

    According to me : keyword view is 'quick & dirty solution' ,good for marketing but not for testing.

    there are lot of application that can be tested (subject to constraint to the QTP add-ins).

    All the best


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    Re: QTP Project

    Based on your question it appears you need to obtain some “basic training” in order to use QTP competently. Read and follow the information in the links below to obtain this competency:

    Here is a link to start learning vbScript, which is a minimal requirement to effective using the other QTP training aids mentioned below:


    Then spend time with the tutorial that came with QTP.

    Then read the QTP tips and tricks sticky posting:


    Before posting new topics read and follow this forum’s guidelines:


    When posting use the following template to provide information needed to get a useful answer:


    But, make sure you search the forum for answers to your question before posting:


    Never post the same question multiple times:


    -Hope this helps, Terry Horwath

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    Re: QTP Project

    Inspite of your reply, I commited mistakes by not searching forum before I made my posts. Any the guys here forgave me and gave answers. I should do a search before any post.
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