I am using WRQ reflection (version 10) for UNIX and OpenVMS. when i try to record some actions on TE using QTP 8.2, it doesn't recognize the TE objects.

Following configurations were made on QTP
Tools->Options->Terminal Emulator

1. Emulator does not support HLLAPI (because i dont think HLLAPI is supported for this type of terminal)

2. Configured Emulator Classes
Main window class = r2Window
Text window class = r2Display
Toolbar class = rtoolbarToolbar
status bar class = Reflection.Statusline

3. Screen settings
Was able to identify the reflection window and highlighted with boxes.

PropertyPatternConfigTE file has the following format

<Object Name="TeScreen">
<Property Name="label">
<Pattern ToFind="(.*)(\d\d*:\d\d*:\d\d*)(.*)"
<Property Name="screen tag">
<Pattern ToFind="(.*)(\d\d*:\d\d*:\d\d*)(.*)"


Here i am not sure which settings to be made on the TE side and hence not able to identify the TE objects.

I may also be doing some thing wrong on QTP side as well.

Can anyone please post their views or solutions to my problem. Thanks a lot in advance