Hello Friends,
I have a java edit box named User ID (i have java addin checked in add in manager).
when I fill in the field,QTP does not record anything.
so what I did is : I add the user id object to my OR with the add object to local option in OR.
and then I insert the corresponding step in my script with the help og step generator and I gave the text as : "kenflin"[which is my user id ].
but when I run my script:the user ID field is filled with "kkeennff".
I didn't get this .so what I did is :I object spy on user ID field, in object spy, in te properties TAB ,i got the value as "kkeennff".
So what I did is : I delete the value property from the mandatory list in OR,and then again I object spy on the user ID field then I didn't get any thing in the value property.
even though, when I run my script, it is still filling with "kkeennff".
please need help?
i am kind of stucked up over here.