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    object not visible error

    hello friends,
    I inserted a bit map checkpoint for passed check box.
    I need to check whether passed check box is chekced or not.
    but what happens is : while my script runs, the passed field is kind of hiding from the visible area of the webpage(even the manual navigation is also like that).
    so when my script comes to that particular line, i got error like object not visible.
    I searched for function to resize the window or maximize the window, but I didn't find any.
    please friends, if you have any idea how to show it on my perception in the webpage.
    what I did is : I put the web event record configuration as high and reord the script,and while recording I move the scroll bar to the passed check box ,but nothing is recorded for my scroll bar movement.
    waiting for a help.

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    Re: object not visible error

    Bitmap checkpoint?

    Usually, one would only use a bitmap checkpoint to verify an image on the screen.

    Why not use GetROProperty("checked") on the checkbox object to find out if it is checked or not?

    x = Browser("B").Page("P").WebCheckBox("WCB").GetROPro perty("checked")
    If x = 0 Then
    'checkbox is not checked
    'checkbox is checked
    End If

    Of course, if QTP cannot find the checkbox because it is invisible, you may still have problems. It really depends on whether the checkbox is invisible because it doesn't exist (check for .Exist(0) before checking the .GetROProperty) or because it is just hidden (in which case the above code should probably work, or maybe you can .WaitProperty on the "visible" property first if you need to).
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    Re: object not visible error

    you r right. I have to use GetRoproperty.
    and for the invisible thing, I did use the Highlight property .
    and it did work in my case
    Thanks a lot



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