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    Compare the Date

    Hi All,

    Dim a
    a = split(date,"/")
    'a(0) will contain montht i.e 5
    'a(1) will contain Date i.e 20
    MsgBox defaulttoDay 'the value is populated as 21

    If defaulttoDay = a(1) Then
    reporter.ReportEvent micPass,"pass","pass"
    reporter.ReportEvent micFail,"Fail","Fail"

    In this case though the defaulttoDay and the a(1) value are both same but also i am getting the fail as the result in the Result sheet . What may be the problem ?


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    Re: Compare the Date

    When you split a string (or a date) you end up with a variable type of "string", so initially a(1) is a "string" variant.

    Then when you use the line "a(1)=a(1)+1" QTP recognizes that now a(1) is a "double" variant (a number, not a string), regardless of the fact that it used to be a string.

    Then in your "If defaulttoDay = a(1) Then" line, a(1) is a "double", so as long as defaulttoDay is numeric, the line should evaluate to true. If defaulttoDay is something else, like a string, then the line will evaluate to false.
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    Re: Compare the Date

    use the vbs-internal function CDate(expression)

    if your expression is a valid date the expression will be converted to a valid date correspondending to your local system settings.


    CDate(Date) - CDate(expression) will let you know the difference between the 2 dates

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