This is a bit of a strange problem and couldnt find any solutions in other posts. so here goes.

QTP V9.0.
Web, ActiveX, Java, Visual Basic.
Web through IE6.
No non-standard controls.

I'm trying to test a Java applet with QTP and for some reason it does not want to record certain actions under certain conditions. The part of the applet that causes problems is the login screen that appears when itís first loaded up. If i set QTP to go the URL hosting the applet when recording starts (under the recording and automation settings), it will load the page and record that i clicked the ActiveX component to make it active (cause im using IE6 with that particular update) but it wont record anything that i type into the login and password fields. however, once ive clicked login and start to perform further actions on the applet, QTP starts recording my actions again. If I open the load the applet before hand and i change the settings in QTP to record on any open browser and attempt to do the same login procedure, QTP will track all my actions as it should. So i think it has something to do with loading the applet that QTP doesnt like.

My coworker is running Windows 2000 (im using windows XP) and running the version of IE6 without the activeX update (so he doesnt have to click on the applet to activate it). He tried running the same test (with QTP loading the Applet) and it worked fine for him.

I have no clue why QTP is having a problem with loading the applet. are there any know issues with QTP handling different java versions (im running 1.4.2_03 and he is running 1.4.2_14). Any suggestions would be great.

Thank You