No Errors, but AddObject yields no results...

The following 20 lines of code are practically a direct copy from the QuickTest Professional Object Repository Automation Reference example provided under HELP:

Dim ImageObj, PageObj, RepositoryFrom, RepositoryTo
Set RepositoryFrom = CreateObject("Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil")
Set RepositoryTo = CreateObject("Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil")
RepositoryFrom.Load "C:\From\From.tsr"
RepositoryTo.Load "C:\To\To.tsr"
Set ImageObj = RepositoryFrom.GetObject("Browser("""").Pag e(""Breaking News"").Image("""")")
If (Not IsNull(ImageObj)) Then
MsgBox RepositoryFrom.GetLogicalName(ImageObj)
Else: MsgBox "null"
End If
Set PageObj = RepositoryTo.GetObjectByParent("Browser(""" ")", "Page(""Breaking News"")")
If (Not IsNull(PageObj)) Then
MsgBox RepositoryTo.GetLogicalName(PageObj)
Else: MsgBox "null"
End If
msgbox "Before AddObject"
RepositoryTo.AddObject ImageObj, PageObj
msgbox "After AddObject"

I have two Object Repositories, From.tsr, and To.tsr. From.tsr contains Browser("").Page("Breaking News").Image(""). To.tsr contains Browser("").Page("Breaking News"). The result I am expecting from this code is that the Image object ("") will be copied from From.tsr to To.tsr. This is not happening, and no error is being returned, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I do know however that my msgbox("After AddObject") is not popping up, so this tells me the code is ending at AddObject.

My goal is to get AddObject to work, so any help, or working code will be greatly appreciated.