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    Questions on QTP

    Can you write your own utility functions in QTP? Where would you put them once they are written so that ALL your scripts can access them?

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    Re: Questions on QTP

    [ QUOTE ]
    Can you write your own utility functions in QTP? Where would you put them once they are written so that ALL your scripts can access them?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Based on your question it appears you need to obtain some “basic training” in order to use QTP competently. Read and follow the information in the links below to obtain this competency:

    Here is a link to start learning vbScript, which is a minimal requirement to effective using the other QTP training aids mentioned below:


    Then spend time with the tutorial that came with QTP.

    Then read the QTP tips and tricks sticky posting:


    Before posting new topics read and follow this forum’s guidelines:


    When posting use the following template to provide information needed to get a useful answer:


    But, make sure you search the forum for answers to your question before posting:


    Never post the same question multiple times:


    -Hope this helps, Terry Horwath

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    Re: Questions on QTP

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Questions on QTP

    I've not worked on the tool yet. I'm preparing myself to work on it. I've got a couple of questions could you answer them? Thanks

    What function is used to output a message to the report

    What function would you use to pop up a message when you are running a script.

    What is the purpose of Actions sections?

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    Re: Questions on QTP

    1. Reporter.ReportEvent
    2. MsgBox. Except, I don't use popup messages. Ever (except during debugging). I like my scripts to run unattended.
    3. To confuse and complicate the scripting process... Or, as HP/Mercury would say, "Actions help divide your test into logical units, such as the main sections of a Web site, or specific activities that you perform in your application." (well, I suppose both definitions are accurate)
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    Re: Questions on QTP

    Thank you very much.



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