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    Issues while Running thru multiple test cases....

    Well I won't say I am new to QTP any more but yes still learning so still a novice. Anyways I hope all experts will bear with my question.

    I have been handed over with suite of test scripts that was developed by an x-employee. In RUN tab under test settings option "proceed to next test iteration" is set for "when error occurs during run session". The test reads driver_index.xls that has list of test cases. Each test case is a call to another spreadsheet that has actions in it.
    For e.g Below is what driver index looks like
    Test_Case Location
    1 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_LookupByAccnum.xls
    2 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_LookupByName.xls
    3 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_LookupByDrAccNum.xls
    4 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_LookupByCCNum.xls
    5 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_LookupSSNum.xls
    6 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_ModifyAcct.xls
    7 C:\QTPScripts\Build_Test\COM_lookupInvalidAcct.xls

    And then COM_LookupByAccnum.xls looks like below
    Action Number Object_Action Object Name Parameter 1
    1 launchProduct Teller Navigator
    1 Launch_Teller
    2 Button_Click Financial_Clear
    3 Button_Click Financial_Search
    4 getAccountNumForCompatibility
    5 RadioButton_Set TFSAAccountNumber_ RadioButton
    6 TextBox_InputVariable TFSASearch_ TextBox mem_acn
    7 Button_Click TFSAOK_Button
    8 wait 3
    9 ifListOfAccounts_TF
    10 wait 3
    11 ifAttnMsg_TF

    My question is what should I do so if one test case fails then it goes to next one. The code does loop thru based on number of rows in driver index, but the problem I am facing is that if QTP doesn't find an object for a given test case it simply exits out and rest of the test cases listed in driver index is not executed. Also in my case what is the significance of above mentioned test setting? Also what is the significance of default.xls that resides in test folder.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Issues while Running thru multiple test cases....

    Seems I was not clear in explaining my issue. What is happening QTP script exits out if an object is not found. What I need is if such instance happens then it should go to the next test case and run the same script again.

    I am using keyword/table driven framework. Any comments will help. I did find the significance of default.xls. This has two sheet TABS Global & Action. Right now I am trying to learn the concept of Global or Action Data Table Parameters.



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