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    QTP runtime error

    Hello ,
    I am getting an error like "Object Disabled" while running my QTP script. I am workig on a web based application and I don't have any idea about which technologies they did use to develop this application.
    I do have visual basic,active X and web addin in QTP.
    I had that object in my object repository and in the active screen too.
    I can't come up with a solution after many trials.
    Can anybody please help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: QTP runtime error

    I might need to clarify what "object disabled" really means. You mention that the object is in your object repository and in the active screen, but none of that is relevant to whether it is disabled or not.

    Disabled is that condition when an object is "grayed out" or otherwise turned off so that a user cannot use it (buttons cannot be clicked, edit objects cannot have text entered into them, etc.).

    Usually a disabled object remains visible - developers could choose to make them invisible rather than disabled, and there is no benefit to being invisible AND disabled, so usually they choose one or the other. So you can usually see them just fine, and of course, they still appear in the OR and in the active screen.

    The most common cause (in my experience) for an object to be disabled is a popup window that takes focus. Since focus is on the popup window, everything on the parent window is disabled until the popup window is handled.

    Other causes:
    Maybe the window has not fully loaded and therefore has not enabled all the objects. Use .Sync, .WaitProperty, or Wait methods or statements to fix this.

    Maybe something needs to be done in your appication to enable the object. For example, maybe clicking some check box enables the object you want, such as a "Do you want more info?" checkbox might enable an address field.

    Maybe something has happened in your application that has disabled the object, such as a "Do not contact me" checkbox might disable an address field.

    Hopefully that helps you diagnose your concern and find a way to handle it.
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