Hi All
I am working on one framework that is "Automation framework for web applications using QTP 9.x" , This framework is in initial phase and i have to test and check that the functions included are working as desired and i have to make sure that we have covered all the features which are used for Web Application Testing using QTP.

Here functions including all the properties of Browser, Page, Frame, Objects and all. ALso i have to create one document which include all the checkpoints which are mainly used with their brief description which can describe that checkpoint.

What i did is i created one excel sheet and send that to my senior for review, What i included in that excel was Checkpoint Type (say bitmap,text), Brief Description(what it does), and a syntax for that.

But now for say synchronisation i created/included one point in excel that we can use Browser("").Sync, and didn't mentioned that Browser("").Page("").Frame("").Sync will be wrong, as there is no such sync exist.

So i got rave review regarding this. Now what i want to ask here is, do there any document exist which helps me to list all the controls available in QTP. Like all different checkpoints, Synchronization for all web controls, some hidden treasure of QTP.

If not than can peopl out there contribute their knowldge so that i will include those points in my document.