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    Font Color of Node in JavaTree

    How to retrieve the font color of a specific node in JavaTree?

    I am able to retrive the foreground color of the JavaTree but not the specific Node which is in different color.

    I tried with,


    But as a Beginner I dont know to use the above said methods/properties properly.

    Please Help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Font Color of Node in JavaTree

    Have you tried selecting the node you require first then get the font colour? Second does the colour of the node have any significance to what you are trying to test?(just curiosity)....
    I like what i know and I know what i like

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    Re: Font Color of Node in JavaTree

    Yes.I am selecting the node first.

    I need to validate the color as it is an indication of a change happening to the node in my app.

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    Re: Font Color of Node in JavaTree

    You need to know how Java tree is actually used and implemented then only it will work. You need developers knowledge to do this.

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    Re: Font Color of Node in JavaTree

    I'll try to get some info from developers. Do we have any other solution?

    Thanks for the Response.



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