This may also apply to version 8.2, but much has changed in version 9 for OR editing and alteration.

The docs say that if an OR object is renamed in the OR that QTP will alter all references in any Action using that object in a statement (there are lots of IF THEN ELSE rules associated with Shared versus Local ORs and how/when the updates occur if the change is made and a using script is opened later). All in all this appears to be a useful feature that works as documented. But here are two exceptions I noticed today (which I hope will be addressed some day...):

1. If a commented out statement contains a reference to the renamed object it will not be changed (and will therefore fail later if/when the code is uncommented).

2. Object references made in included *.vbs libs, including those contained on the test resource tab are not updated, and will therefore fail if they are not manually updated.

3. Nor will a changed object name be edited where the parent object is a variable. For example where the OR name for the swfWindow("dt2").swfWindow("Authorize Dialog") was changed to just "Authorize" the 2nd line in the following code was not changed by QTP:
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Set dt2 =SwfWindow("dt2")
Set dt2Authorize=dt2.SwfWindow("Authorize Dialog")
</pre><hr />

-fyi, Terry