I'm trying to create a recovery scenario to handle the Certificate Error page for IE7.

This is a web page, not a popup window.

The title of the page is "Certificate Error: Navigation Blocked" and the page contains the text "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." It has two links, one to close the web page and one to continue to the unsafe web page.

The problem is, in the QTP 9.2 recovery sceneario manager, I can identify this page just fine, but when I try to define the "Recover Operation" I can either click a button or press a key. There are no buttons on this webpage, and the links are not tied to any key that I can detect, so none of the recover operations will work.

I'm stumped.

I don't know how to use the recover manager to tell it to click the link to continue to the unsafe web page.

Any ideas?

(I'm thinking about creating a function to click that link, then calling the function from the recovery scenario. That seems like a pain in the backside that I would rather avoid if I can find another way)