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    Web Edit box issue...

    Hi all,

    In web application we have a "quantity" edit box, when we enter some quantity, total amount should reflect at the bottom
    when we do it by QTP amount will not be reflected at the bottom, but in the edit field we can see the quantity,
    when we do it manually we can see the amt at the bottom...
    Is there any option like "type",


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    Re: Web Edit box issue...

    WebEdit().FireEvent "onkeyup"
    WebEdit().FireEvent "onkeydown"
    WebEdit().FireEvent "onkeypress"

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    Re: Web Edit box issue...

    Thanx Tarun
    its working fine now

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    Re: Web Edit box issue...

    Thanks a lot!

    I had exactly same problem:
    - in HTML, a input field with instruction: onKeyPress="return numeric(this,event,'RET:RLBP-DP_PR63');" maxlength="5" name=...
    in QTP: a webedit element. When a value was entered in this input field, and just after, a submit button was used, value of the input field was lost.
    -Solution: in QTP, just after line:
    ...WebEdit(name_of_webedit) Set"value"
    Add line:

    And it works.



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