We run:
QTP 8.2
Addins - Java, Web, VB

We have a working script which works on occasion. However sometimes on the same client, it will fail as it cannot recognise the object (a listbox). To fix the problem we go in, check what the window Id is now for the field, amend it in the repository, and the script works.
So the question is, how is window ID set, or what triggers it to change?

I've had a look through search on this forum without much luck, and I've had a troll through the Knowledge base on Mercury's site, as well as raising a service request without much luck (Mercury keep asking for Webex's which we can't do for security reasons). We did wonder if it was to do with the IP address, but Mercury didn't seem to think this was the case. The Operating system is consistant (Windows 2000 Pro), SP4.
If anyone has any suggestions, or any ideas where else to look.