QTP Version: 9.1

Addins Loaded: .NET

Application Protocol Testing

Any non-standard controls involved: No

Problem details: I have a .net Wizard application when I drive the wizard to a page that uses a spreadsheet object and load the data, several spreadsheets are generated, each one accessed via a tab, just like in Excel.

I can drive the app and create a checkpoint for the spread sheet but upon further notice, I saw that all of the cells in the checkpoint dialog are blank. It works fine in the tutorial application but not in mine. So saving the checkpoint now isn't an option since there is not data that I can specify to verify. Toggling the cells in the checkpoint dialog box doesn't help, not that is should.

What searches you have tried: I searched this website but have not found anything yet. I also started looking for blogs dedicated to QTP.

Solutions you have tried: Nothing as of yet. This is a major component in my testing so I need to implement a solution.