Now the actual issue, I have a Wizard App written in .net. The pages are broken into 3 containers. The top container has the unique page labels, the middle container holds all of the function controls for the page and the bottom container holds the navigation keys and help button.

As you navigate through the screen the label changes but as you record the script the label on the next page doesn't change appropriately. If you look in the Object Repository you see that only a single label is stored.

I placed a call with support and they had me add a mandatory property to the Object Identification screen for the .net window forms, swflabel, "regexpwndclass". It seemed to work while we were running through the webex. I could now record and recognize the labels on each of the pages.

AS soon as I went create a new script I was back to square one, not being able to recognize the labels. The change was still in place in the Object Identification dialog box. Since I couldn't get a written procedure or a reference to any procedure I'm stuck trying to determine if he did something else that I was not aware of. Being new to this its easy not to be to aware.

At about the same time I noticed that I had a similar recognition problem with the Back/Next Navigation buttons. the Welcome screen has a disabled Back button. When you click on it, QTP records a button panel object. If you were to record the enabled Back button on another screen you would correctly see the Back button (swfbutton) being recorded. I don't understand why the button is not recognized on the Welcome screen. The Object Spy can see it fine (as it did with the label in the earlier example). I don't know why just changing the object property would keep QTP from recognizing it.

As always, any suggestion would be appreciated.