Hi All,
Here is the problem.I have a test set say xyz,in that I have several test cases.And in each test case I have chain of Business Components.What my requiremnt is that I want to get the object repository name of each component in a each test case one by one.I want to uses the QCUtil object.I found out a way for prompting the object repository of a test(not a component with the following code)

Function ObjectRepositoryName
Dim App 'As Application
Set App = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
ObjRepName=App.Test.Settings.Resources.ObjectRepos itoryPath

End Function

the above function is working fine

But if I copy this same line for the object repository of a component it doesnt seem to work.

I tried using the statement

ObjRepName=App.Component.Settings.Resources.Object RepositoryPath

but it throws me an error.

Please suggest me what to do.

Thanks and regards