Hi Everybody,

I am new to QTP.
I use QTP 9.1,.Net add-ins 9.1 installed.

I test a .Net Windows app, using Syncfusion controls version 4.2

I see .NET Windows forms and .NET Web Forms in Combobox Environment in dialog Tools --> Object Identification.

In the "record and run settings" dialog "Windows applications" tab I choose "Record and run test on any open windows based application".

My test is very simple, click on a button, then just drag and drop another button :

SwfWindow("Resa").SwfObject("tableControl1").Click 359,35
SwfWindow("Resa").SwfObject("tableControl1").Drag 91,32
SwfWindow("SwfWindow").Drop 55,10

When I run this test I have the Run Error : 'Object not visible'
Line (4): "SwfWindow("SwfWindow").Drop 55,10".

Why this error ? What is wrong with this object ?

Any help ?