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    How to display a Progress Bar

    Hi guys,

    i need to Display the Progress Bar in me script during the run process.....
    Scenario is,i'm going to compare the two database,these databases are having lot of records,script may take 1 day to finish..so during the test run i want to see how many records are finished...


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    Re: How to display a Progress Bar

    easiest thing to do would be to write an entry in a log file that consistantly overwrites itself with the current status.

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    Re: How to display a Progress Bar

    Well QTP is not for doing such things but you can do it. You need to create a COM library in VB6 or some other tool and then create a form inside that exposes this progress bar. Or second method is to use a html page coded in java script and then display the values in a browser.

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    Re: How to display a Progress Bar

    You can call out from QTP to an AutoIt script, which enables this w/o much difficulty, provided you have some scripting skills.
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    Re: How to display a Progress Bar

    Its not a "progress bar" but here is a "progress window" that can be spawned from a QTP test case, and then messages can periodically be output to indicate the state or progress in a long winded test case:


    While not exactly what you were after, this should do the trick. And it includes a terse document to support the comments in my posting.

    -Terry Horwath

    P.S. Search for postings on how to "minimize QTP". Then you will be able to run a long winded QTP test and only have the progress window displayed on the desk top.



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