We are having scripts that are created like generic templates to run on web applications that are very dynamic.

We use the concept of ini file, so we use to parameterize the brower,page & object properties in the object repository using environment variables.

Using QTP 9.1 I am creating scripts for completely new product for which I am using the same scenario as stated as above(having shared OR) , my problem is when I try to parameterize browser title property,if I select environment
the list is empty, so I went to to manage repository parameters in repository manager and added few variables overe there, so when I came back again to browser title property now I am able to see th items in the list, but still when I run the script it is not corresponding to the actual environment and the script is failing.

In 8.2 when we try to parameterize to an environment variable it would should the list of all the available environment varibles picking it from the attached ini file,
do we have any easy way like that in 9.1 ?