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    CD burning

    I am using Nero software to burn my data onto a CD. QTP is not able to recognize the Nero window and also the actions i am performing like clicking on some buttons. Since I am new to QTP I don't know how to script this. Can anyone help.


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    Re: CD burning

    Is this a test case that you need to make in your company? or is it personal? Whatever it is i will try this at home. The recording might not be working because of 2 things
    1st - QTP is not able to recognize the controls as they may be custom made controls
    2nd - You have not selected to record on any application in Record and Run settings... and thats why QTP is not recording anything

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    Re: CD burning


    If it is only clicks that you are interested to record and the flow of your burning remains same. i.e. the same file same forder then you can try low level recording. After you click record. Go to "Automation~Low level" recording and try recording with your clicks getting recorded.
    - alkamist

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    Re: CD burning

    Sorry for the late reply. I tried low level recording too that also didn't work. For now I decided to test those cases manually. But, in future if I decide to automate I would like to try different options and let u know.



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