I have 10 pages I want to verify all pages display correct or not (example links,values etc…)
In each page I have a webtable . Each webtable contains 100 records (userid).

My scripts is like this
1. Browser(“ “).Page(“ “).Frame(“frmTop”).WebEdit(“WebEdit).Set DataTable(“Page_Number”,dtGlobalSheet)
2. Browser(“ “).Page(“ “).Frame(“frmTop”).Image(“go”).Click 9,3
3. Browser(“ “).Page(“ “).Sync
4. Browser(“ “).Page(“ “).Frame(“frmTop”).WebTable(“1”).Check Chcek(“1”)

When I ran above script up to 3 line it’s pass. Always 4th line is error (because 2 page webtable is starting userid 101, 201,301 like this)

How can I slove this issue.Please any one help me.