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Thread: QTP script help

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    QTP script help

    If there are 6 options for searching data the number of combination user may use to search a really huge..what should be our approch to test this kind of search functionality..

    My project:

    Page search customer
    first name
    last name
    custmer number
    key number

    we can search by entering first name or last name or number ..how to write code for this in QTP..i am using if Parameter first_name<> "" then set value
    its not working

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    Re: QTP script help

    write your code and maybe we can see the problem
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    Re: QTP script help

    can u tell me ...how will u write code in QTP.

    I have

    4 WEBEDIT..First Name,Last Name,Cust number,Key number

    1 WEBLIST...organisation name

    If user enters any value of above..click on search

    It [censored]..working on project not able to code


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    Re: QTP script help

    [ QUOTE ]
    can u tell me ...how will u write code in QTP.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You have to be kidding dont you?

    Have you even done the basic thing and looked in the QTP Help. This forum is very helpfull to those who put in a little effort to help them selves. I am happy to help you but have to show me you have tried to help yourself first.
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    Re: QTP script help

    Why dont you parameterize all the fields using which you can do search operation and then create all sets of data for which you want to execute this code.

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    Re: QTP script help

    [ QUOTE ]
    can u tell me ...how will u write code in QTP.

    It [censored]..working on project not able to code

    [/ QUOTE ]


    People on this forum are not here to do your work for you. If you have been asked to do something your company has not trained you for then talk to your manager about the skills you need to be trained in. If you got the job by pretending you had these skills then talk to your manager and confess.

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