Well im new to this and have run into a problem. Ill try to explain it my best, so sorry in advance.

QTP 8.2
I am trying to get the text from a excel looking format inside a program. It has 3 visible rows with 8 columns. When i use the object spy on it it shows me that its a WinObject. So i use this
temp = Window("Stuff").WinObject("St").GetVisibleText
This is fine for what i can see of the 3 rows and i am able to use this info later but i want to grab all the rows even the non visible ones. In this example there are 9 rows 3 visible and 6 not, i have to use the scroll bar to see the others.

Basically i want to be able to take all the rows and put them individually into a string per row.

For now i have to use the WinScrollBar(" ").NextPage followed by the WinObject(" ").GetVisibleText every time to get all the text, but thats a hassle because i have to compare them to find out if im at the last one or not(sometimes i have anywhere from 3-12 rows per iteration)

Thanks in advance