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    Confirming state of entries in a ListBox control


    This is my first post on the forum and I have a question. I am currently in the process of evaluating QTP and I have hit a snag with a listbox control and QTP not picking up its default state correctly.

    The Listbox is not a standard Listbox control even though QTP determines it to be that. It is a variant of the standard control in that it contains a checkbox control (which can be selected\deselected) on each available row.

    As far as I can see none of the methods can pick whether the checkbox is selected\deselected. I can return whether a row is highlighted\selected however I am unable to return the state of the checkbox.

    I have attached a screenshot of the control.

    Has anyone encountered this type of control before and found a way to grab the state of the checkbox or have a workaround that doesn't include testing pixels at specific co-ordinates.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Confirming state of entries in a ListBox control

    Peter any chance you can create a web page with just this on so I can see the HTML and spy on the object. Pretty difficult to analyse the issue from a picture.

    I'm wondering whether a DOM loop or a GetROProperty could assit verification of checkbox state.

    Mark Smith.



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