Hi All,

I am doing some R&D for and looking for comeup with a FrameWork for Siebel Applications.
We have developed some FrameWork for WebBased application and desktop as well. We didnt find any issue with Object Hierarchy. Becoz QTP understand the Object Hierarchy same for the entire application.

But in Siebel this getting differs page to page, here are the snippets.

Screen level Object Hierarchy:

SiebApplication("Siebel Pharma").SiebPageTabs("PageTabs").GotoScreen "Accounts Screen"
SiebApplication("Siebel Pharma").SiebPageTabs("PageTabs").GotoView "Account Administration View"

Form level Object Hierarchy:

SiebApplication("Siebel Pharma").SiebScreen("Data Administration").SiebView("Account Administration").SiebApplet("Account").SiebText("B rick Id").SetText "2051"

In some Screen you will have Pages as well - Object Hierarchy is:

Browser("Siebel Pharma ").Page("Siebel Pharma ").Frame("View Frame").Link("My Accounts").Click
Browser("Siebel Pharma ").Page("Siebel Pharma ").Frame("View Frame").SblEdit("Opportunity").Set "ww"

This is what happening while recording the Siebel Objects after Installing the Siebel Add-In, finding various Object Hierarchy in the same application itself.

So my query is how can I overcome with this typical situation ?