Here is the Code below which i used to get the inner text of the webelement and store it in the variable.Assign that value stored in the variable to the excel sheet named login to the cloumn User_Name. The question i have here is if i give the sheetNumber 1 the value gets stored in the column correctly but if i give the Sheet name for example "Login" It correpts the whole file and adds new "sheet1" with the value. Any Idea on this question !

Public Function Output_Account_ID(RowNum)
Dim ePass_ID

'DataTable.ImportSheet , "MyAccess_DE_Edit.xls", "Login", 1
'y=PathFinder.Locate (DataFile)



If Browser("Identity_Manager").Page("Identity_Manager ").WebElement("Acc_Id").Exist Then
ePass_ID=Browser("Identity_Manager").Page("Identit y_Manager").WebElement("Acc_Id").GetROProperty("in nertext")


DataTable("User_Name", 1).value = ePass_ID

DataTable.Export "C:\Tests\QTP_Test_Script_and_Functions\MyAccess_D E_Edit.xls",1

'Msgbox(DataTable.Value("User_Name", "Login"))

End If
End Function

Thanks in Advance !