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    how do we create new class in QTP?

    Hi all,

    Iam working on QTP8.2 with SAP Enviroment,iam not able to find to write new class in qtp can any one tell me this.

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    Re: how do we create new class in QTP?

    Search the forum or any VBScript site and it should not be tough to find the solution.

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    Re: how do we create new class in QTP?

    Thnks Tarun,

    Pls go through the below link


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    Re: how do we create new class in QTP?

    [ QUOTE ]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Well, I could not easily find an example showing how to create your own vbScript class at the above link (it might be there, but with all the other links it is not obvious). But the sticky post, Donate a function..., at the top of this forum has several examples; here is but one, and it includes a bit of test code to use the class methods:





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